Patrick Heathcock Photography, Cape Town

Photographer at heart and traveller manqué, I crossed the globe from my native Cape Town to spend 15 years in London, first as a photographer of people and fashion, later building a business around professional photographic studios, digital photography and the early years of web design.

“The best camera you've got, is the one you
have with you”

Having acquired a wife, children and two cats we decided it was high time to move back to South Africa, live on a farm, build a straw bale house and make the most of modern technology that means the world is your oyster even while you are sitting at home with a view of mountains. Web design has taken over from photography as my daily bread and butter and I established PALEBLUESKY in Cape Town, to provide an integrated web design, development and digital marketing service.

For the last two years it has been my dream to create a travel website to showcase the best of travel writing and photography from around the world and focus on the highest quality in hotels and destinations. JUST THE PLANET is an online luxury travel magazine which is the culmination of that vision realised by the combined talents of a world class editorial team.

Photography is still my passion though and I’m just waiting patiently until my children are old enough to travel the world, to indulge myself with global photo opportunities – it’s going to be soon!